26 June: Making Human Rights work in Practice:

Making human rights work

We are pleased to invite you for a meeting on 26 June to present what we do, what the impact is and what use it has for your work.  Our name reflects our mission: using human rights for change. We develop and facilitate the use of Human Rights Impact Assessment tools (HRIA). This is a relatively new field in human rights work.  HRIA tools provide NGOs with an instrument to systematically investigate and assess the impact of policies, programs, projects and interventions on human rights. They help organisations to strengthen their advocacy and to hold their governments accountable to practice what they promised.

Our tools provide NGOs with step-by-step guidance to:

  • investigate and analyse the human rights effects of a law, policy or measure
  • link these to the human rights obligations of their government
  • use the outcomes to more effectively advocate for rights-based and evidence-led policy reforms.

Carrying out a human rights impact assessment increases the capacity of organisations to apply human rights in their daily work. It informs governments about the effects of policies and helps them to improve their compliance with human rights norms and standards. It helps donors to get insight in the impact of policies and to support NGOs in promoting rights-based policies and addressing negative impacts.

Our tools

Currently we have four tools:

©  HeRWAI  provides NGOs with step-by-step guidance to analyse the impact of a policy or law on the health situation of women and gather rights-based arguments and concrete recommendations to lobby governments for improvement

©  DOVA facilitates the step-by-step identification of a country’s compliance with its obligations to prevent and combat domestic violence and protect its victims

©  The RighT Guide helps to assess the effects of anti-trafficking laws and policies on the human rights of trafficked people and other groups affected by these policies, like migrants and sex workers

©  Mapping Violence against Women is an easy way to get a quick insight in the prevalence of violence against women in a country and the efforts to address it.


©  Presentation Rights4Change

©  What are Human Rights Impact Assessment Tools and what can you do with them

©  Cases & results

©  Partners and funding

©  Drinks

We hope to see you on the 26th. Please send an email to info@rights4change.org to confirm your attendance.


Date/Time: Wednesday 26 June 2013, 16:00 - 18:30

Location: Café de Pont, across from Amsterdam Central Station. Take the 5 minute ferry to Amsterdam North

Language: English

RSVP: before 20 June via info@rights4change.org or 06 30546012 (Marjan Wijers) /06-55344791 (Margreet de Boer)

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