Mission and Vision:

Rights4Change aims to advance human rights and gender justice. Our mission is captured in our name: using human rights to achieve change. We do this by developing and facilitating the use of Human Rights Impact Assessment tools (HRIA).  A HRIA is a tool to systematically investigate and assess the impact of laws, policies and measures on the human rights of those who are affected by it. The outcomes are linked to the human rights obligations of the state. Carrying out a human rights impact assessment helps organisations to strengthen their advocacy and hold their government accountable to practice what they promised. It informs governments about the effects of policies and helps them to improve their compliance with human rights norms and standards. It provides donors with insight in the impact of policies and to support NGOs in promoting evidence-led and rights-based policies.

We train organisations in carrying out HRIAs and using the outcomes to advocate for rights-based policy reforms. The four main areas in which we work are domestic violence, health rights, trafficking in persons, sex workers rights and violence against women. Our work is based on key human rights principles: participation of the groups affected, gender equality, non-discrimination and access to justice. We do not talk about people, but support those whose rights are violated to have their voices heard. Working from a human rights perspective also means we do not accept that human rights are violated in the name of religion, morality or even feminism. Everybody is entitled to human rights, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do.

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