Questionnaire on Women's Property Rights:

In our work on women's human rights, we noticed that the lack of property rights of women is an obstacle for their emancipation and the enjoyment of their human rights. Very often, women are economicaly dependent from their husbands and family, and therefore can not make their own choices. They are vulnerable, and cannot leave violent relationships.

Although changing laws, policies and practices is not easy and will take a long time, many women and their organisations are advocating for it. We think that advocacy can be even stronger by using human rights. In assessing the problem (which rights are violated), and in assessing the laws and policies (do they complie with human rights standards) . A human rights impact assessment tool helps to make such assessments.

Rights4Change has taken up the idea to develop a human rights assessment tool on women's property rights.

Our first step is making an inventory of the problem, and the ways organisations all over the world are addressing it. Moreover, we want to assess whether a HRIA tool on this topic might have added value.

For this purpose we made a questionnaire, and invite all women's and human rights organisations, as well as individual experts, to answer our questions. Thank you!

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