New Year Meeting:

On 12 January 2012 Rights4Change had its first New Year meeting.
For an audience of approximately 25 people from NGOs, donors and researches, R4C-experts presented the tools HeRWAI, The RighTGuide and DOVA, followed by a discussion on the added value of the use of this tools. The conclusion was that the added value lies in linking human rights standards to findings at grass root level, and enabling NGOs to use some reseach techniques (both in fact finding and analysing) to strengthen their work.

 Also at the meeting, law students of the Amsterdam University of applied sciences presented a report on the tool Mapping Violence against women. They studied the tool, and interviewed some Dutch NGOs to get feed back on the tool. Their main conclusion is that the tool is very helpful to get an overview and to detect blind spots in information on the various forms of VAW and the interventions addressing it, but is less valuable for organisations that focus on specific interventions like prevention and victim-support, and have no intention to shift this focus. For them there are too much irrelevant questions. We are very happy with this feedback. It confirms that the tool is useful to get an overview, but learns us that we need to make very clear to potential users when the tool might be of use to them, but also when other tools might respond to their needs in a better way.



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