Human Rights and local policies:

Rights4Change offers training and support on human rights and local policies

Not only national governments are bound to human rights obligations, local governments also have to respect, promote and fulfill human rights. And human rights are very relevant at the local level, because local policies are often the policies that have direct effect on people. Both local governments and non governmental organisation can improve the quality of their work by linking it to human rights standards. Local goverments to draft policies which are in line with their human rights obligations, and NGOs by basing their lobby and advocacy on standards which to which the country has committed itself. 
Rights4Change supports both local governments and NGOs to link local policies to human rights standards.

We offer:
Workshops and trainings: what are human rights, what are the obligations of (local) governments, which human rights standards are relevant to local policies and how can you link them?
▶ The development of checklists for local government to use in the process of policy-making
▶ Conducting assessments of the human rights impact of local policies. In this, the role of R4C can vary from providing training and coaching, to the actual assessment with input from the local government or / and the NGO(s).
▶ The development of a human rights based advocacy strategy.
▶ Regarding health and health services, domestic violence and trafficking we have ready-to use methodologies for training and assessments. On other topics we will work along the same lines.

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