Working to end Domestic Violence can feel like an uphill battle. The violence is entrenched and it is not easy to affect change or improvement. The work can be strengthened by using the international Human Rights standards that States have agreed to uphold. Your government cannot make promises on the international stage and then try to forget them at home. Relying on the Human Right standards will enable you to hold your government accountable if they do not practice what they promise. Addressing Domestic Violence as a Human Rights violation empowers women and other victims/survivors of Domestic Violence. As active rights-holders, they can claim the rights, their governments and States have committed themselves to. The State is obliged to prevent, eradicate and punish and is accountable if it fails to comply or uphold Human Rights.

DOVA, the Human Rights Assessment Instrument on Domestic Violence provides a step by step method which helps you to assess if your country is complying with it’s Human Rights and other international obligations.

Direct link to DOVA 

For more information about DOVA, see the DOVA-flyer

Reports of DOVA-trainings and assessments:

South Africa
In 2012, Mosaic started a DOVA assessment in South Africa. The report of the training can be found here: July 2012: DOVA training South Africa  
The results of the assessment, which focussed on the lack of consistency in the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act and its regulations by the South African Police Services, were published in 2013: DOVA in South Africa 




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