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Making human rights come true

Having human rights on paper and enjoying these rights in reality are two different things. Governments around the world have ratified human rights treaties, but in many countries there is still a big gap between human rights ‘in the books’ and human rights in practice.

Rights4Change (R4C) is an expert in supporting organisations to strengthen their advocacy and hold their governments accountable to practice what they promised.

Ourtools provide NGOs with step-by-step guidance to:

  • investigate and analyse the human rights effects of a law, policy or measure
  • link these to the human rights obligations of their government
  • use the outcomes to more effectively advocate for rights-based and evidence-led policy reforms.

Carrying out a human rigths impact assessment increases the capacity of organisations to use human rights principles and standards in their work. It informs governments about the effects of policies and helps them to improve their compliance with human rights norms and standards. It helps donors to get insight in the impact of policies and to support NGOs in addressing negative impacts and promoting rights-based policies.

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